EdamameSteamed soy beans with shell
Vegetable Gyoza6pcs pan fried vegetable dumplings
Shrimp Shumai6pcs steamed shrimp dumplings
Vegetable Tempura6pcs fried vegetable
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura3pcs fried shrimp & 3pcs fried vegetables
Vegetable Spring Roll2pcs
Spider Appetizerfried soft shell crab with spicy mayo and eel sauce
Fried Calamariwith seafood sauce

Spicy Tuna Tartartuna, scallions, avocado with spicy sauce

Tuna Tatakithin sliced seared tuna with ponzu sauce
Salmon Poppers4pcs. cream cheese, shiso leaves wrap in salmon deep fried
Jalapeno Hamachithin sliced of seared yellowtail with jalapeno and ponzu sauce

Salmon Pokeraw fish salad

Sashimi Appetizer6pcs of chef's choice sashimi

Sushi Appetizer4Pcs of chef's choice nigiri
Squid Poppers
4pcs smoke salmon, avocado wrap in squid deep fried

Ahi Pokeraw fish salad
Hamachi Kamagill yellow tail collar
Takoyaki4pcs Japanese ball-shaped snack with diced octopus. Served with teriyaki sauce, mayo, scallions and bonito flakes on top
Korokke2pcs Vegetables and mashed potato rolling in wheat flour and panko, deep fried
Age Dashi Tofu4pcs fried tofu with tempura sauce and scallions